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A Field Guide to Surreal Botany is finally out and available for ordering! And we have a Facebook page for it as well.
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About Two Cranes Press

Two Cranes Press is a tiny independent publisher that was formed in mid-2003 by Janet Jia Ee Chui and Jason Erik Lundberg (then engaged, now married). The duo moved from Raleigh, North Carolina in March 2007, and is now based in Singapore. Two Cranes was set up to publish speculative fiction -- collections of weird short writing, to be precise. This was only natural because Janet and Jason met at the 2002 Clarion Writers' Workshop in Michigan.

When they are not publishing books intermittently through Two Cranes Press, their work is easily found elsewhere on the Net. Jason's fiction writing, blog and podcast can be found at JasonLundberg dot Net. Janet freelances as a fantasy artist, illustrator and web programmer/designer; her work can be found at Illumina: The Fantasy Art of Janet Chui. She also runs Blue Green Planet, an environmental e-card site, and The Dot Studio, a web development company specializing in dynamic database-driven content.

The duo also makes regular appearances at local and national conventions, and loves attending local progressive events when possible.
At the 2005 Carrboro Book Fair; photo by Luna Black
photo by Luna Black