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About the Book

The publishers of this book believe that the time for remaining ignorant of surreal botany has come to an end. Personal safety alone would justify the information on some of these specimens coming to light, and readers will surely appreciate learning of the plants whose threats are lesser, or that are disappearing as the plants themselves become more rare. This book may be read and appreciated by gardening enthusiasts, paranormal investigators, and conspiracy theorists alike. —from the introduction

Surreal plant by Janet Chui, this specimen does not appear in the bookTwo Cranes Press presents A Field Guide to Surreal Botany, an anthology of fictional plant species that exist beyond the realm of the real, fully illustrated in gorgeous full-color by Janet Chui. The specimens contained herein—dutifully and, in some cases, painfully recorded by our keen-eyed assortment of contributing cryptobotanists, field researchers, and graduate assistants (laden with glass jars, magnifying glasses, and appropriate body armor)—are organized according to geographical region, and described in erudite detail by our contributors. For more information on these brave souls, click on the Contents and Contributors page.

Inside the book you’ll find specimens such as the Couch Kelp (Siturfatarscea velvetorleva monthlypaymetis), a floating seaweed with an inflatable bladder resembling a sofa; the Big Yellow Flower of Unnecessarily Obvious Information (Explanatum obviosis), a plant with a flower that is big and yellow; Twilight Luon-Sibir (Russica spectrata), which has an extremely short life cycle and exists in a state of probability; and forty-five other plant species from all over the world and beyond.

Not since Cryptethnophytology of Latin America by Dr. Dean Jameson (Palgrave, 1978), Asian Pomological Fantastika by Sng Chen Whye (Tinhau UP, 1981), or Parallel Botany by Leo Lionni (Knopf, 1977), has such a comprehensive volume of surreal flora been assembled in one place. Produced in conjunction with the Surreal Botanists Association, A Field Guide to Surreal Botany is an unforgettable tour through the fantastical plant kingdom.

Printed in Singapore by Kepmedia International Pte Ltd.

A Field Guide to Surreal Botany is a book by Two Cranes Press
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