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Four Seasons in One Day

Jason Erik Lundberg and Janet Chui

First printing
October 2003
$5.00, 36 pp.


No. 1 in the Two Cranes Press chapbook series is Four Seasons in One Day, a collection of fiction, artwork and poetry from the team of Jason Erik Lundberg and Janet Chui. The chapbook debuted at the 29th Annual World Fantasy Convention in Washington, D.C. during the Saturday evening small press party, and sold well over the entire weekend. As of this writing, fewer than twenty copies remain, so make sure to get a copy before they're gone forever.

Stories from the collection have been reprinted in Fantastic Metropolis and the Serbian fiction magazine Znak Sagite, and were chosen for AndyHat's annual recommended reading list of speculative fiction from 2003. Each copy is signed by both authors, with cover art and interior illustrations by Janet Chui.
  • "Night Off", a short-short by Jason Erik Lundberg
  • "Ghost Dancing", a story by Jason Erik Lundberg
  • "The Sleepers", a story by Janet Chui
  • "Scarlet", a poem by Jason Erik Lundberg

This small collection is now SOLD OUT. We have no plans at this time to go back to press.


About the Authors

Janet Jia-Ee Chui Janet Jia-Ee Chui is an illustrator from Singapore whose normal life was derailed when she discovered the genres of fantasy art and literature. Growing up where she did, attempting a career in the arts (much less the fantastic arts) was considered a madwoman's dream. Things haven't changed much, but she is less easily discouraged now. Her fantasy art has appeared in children's card games and various magazines like Challenging Destiny and Vogue Australia.

Chui recently won the illustration categories in the Strange Horizons 2003 Readers' Choice Awards. She has drawn and painted subjects ranging from children's portraits to humorous cartoons to fantasy role-playing games for the big kids. She also produces paintings for private collections. Chui moved to North Carolina in February 2004 to be with husband and writer Jason Erik Lundberg. She is almost constantly working on paintings, and writes during her free time. Her story "Black Fish" was recently published in the zine Say..., and received an Honorable Mention in volume 18 of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

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Jason Erik Lundberg Jason Erik Lundberg once read all of Stephen King's The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and got shot at in the same afternoon. (He also once visited a Singaporean mangrove swamp and ate raw eel during a different afternoon.) He was born in Brooklyn, but has called North Carolina home for the past sixteen years. His fiction and non-fiction have appeared in such places as Strange Horizons, Fishnet, The Green Man Review, Fantastic Metropolis, Intracities (ed. Michael Jasper), Electric Velocipede and the Serbian fiction magazine Znak Sagite. His story "Songstress" garnered an Honorable Mention in volume 17 of the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

Lundberg is a graduate of the 2002 Clarion Writers' Workshop, and recently completed his M.A. in Creative Writing at NCSU. In March 2004, he was married to artist and writer Janet Chui, whom he met at Clarion, and they live in the Raleigh area with their pet dwarf hamsters and many books. He has taught fiction writing at the NCSU Young Writers' Workshop, and participated in the 2004 Strange Horizons Workshop at Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

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Printed in Singapore