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Off the Map

Daniel Wallace

First printing
March 2005
$7.95, 56 pp.


No. 2 in the Two Cranes Press chapbook series is Off the Map, a new mini-collection by Big Fish author Daniel Wallace. Off the Map gathers four of Wallace's particularly weird and fantastical short stories in one place, presented with high-quality printing and a beautiful perfect-bound cover. Wallace himself has provided the cover and all interior illustrations, each one a perfect companion to the stories inside. (Cover design and color by Janet Chui.)

Off the Map will take you to places you've never before visited, from far-flung cultures that obey different rules, to our own everyday existences, but tweaked slightly to show the magic of our normally mundane lives, the everyday of hairy men, conversing audio language tapes, and the very unique and sometimes inscrutable relationship of a man to his father. Each of these stories showcases a phenomenal command of the written word, and an eye for the bizarre. Whether they take place close to home or on the other side of the world, each is located off the map of normal perception.
  • Slippered Feet
  • The Story of a Hairy Man
  • Vacation
  • Four Short Novels About My Father

This small collection is now SOLD OUT. We have no plans at this time to go back to press.

About the Author

Daniel Wallace Daniel Wallace is the author of three novels — Big Fish (1998), Ray in Reverse (2000) and The Watermelon King (2003) — and an illustrated book, O Great Rosenfeld! His stories have been published in many magazines and anthologies, including The Yale Review, Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe III (ed. Sonny Brewer), The Massachusetts Review, Shenandoah and Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic (eds. F. Brett Cox and Andy Duncan); his illustrated work has appeared in the L.A. Times and Italian Vanity Fair. Big Fish has been translated into 18 languages and was adapted for film by Tim Burton and John August; it is now available on DVD.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Wallace lived there until going off to college — Emory University and then the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which he left shortly before graduating. After living in Nagoya, Japan for two years (in a valiant attempt to succeed in business) he moved back to Chapel Hill, where he bought a typewriter, got a job in a bookstore, and began to learn to write. Thirteen years and five unpublished novels later, Algonquin Books bought Big Fish. For a number of years he supported himself as an illustrator, and his designs may to this day be found on refrigerator magnets, pins, T-shirts and greeting cards, distributed through K. FLOYD Designs.

Wallace currently lives in Chapel Hill with his wife Laura and his son Henry, who is almost 12. His fiction is forthcoming in The Georgia Review and Glimmer Train.

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Some of the stories in Off the Map were previously published in slightly different form in the following places: "Slippered Feet," The Massachussetts Review, Winter 1989; "The Story of a Hairy Man," Witness, Fall 1993; "Four Short Novels About My Father," Portico, 2003. "Vacation" is original to this collection.

Printing and perfect binding through Chapel Hill Press.

Congratulations to Daniel Wallace for the inclusion of "Vacation" in volume 19 of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror!

An interview with Daniel Wallace at Strange Horizons, October 2004.

O Great Rosenfeld!

"One Small Man" in One Story issue #49.

Praise for Daniel Wallace

"Daniel Wallace brings to his role as author wit, a subtle compassion, and an offbeat originality."
—The Boston Globe

"Wallace...demonstrates extraordinary originality, craftsmanship and charm."
—Publishers Weekly

"Wallace hits all the right notes of magical realism, creating a world where the supernatural fits alongside the ordinary, where storytellers stretch the plausible, and terror, fear and violence lurk below the surface."
—Hal Jacobs for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"In [Big Fish], Daniel Wallace...adds legends and folk tales from the Southern backwoods, throws in a smattering of Greek myth and attaches a few of his own inventions. Applying all of these...resulted in a story that is both comic and poignant."
—New York Times Book Review

"Imaginative and moving."
—Kirkus Reviews

"Gabriel Garcia Marquez meets Rowan and Martin...a real treat."

"A refreshingly different approach...Wallace exhibits a masterly touch."
—San Diego Union Tribune